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Hosted by George Weiss

Guest Speakers

Richard Engel
NBC News
Chief Foreign Correspondent

Alina, Jeremy and Simon Croke
A partner-family of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation


Cocktails 6:30 pm
Dinner & Program 7:30 pm

Business Attire

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Elizabeth Okin Gabay 212 245 6570 ext. 18
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Join Us and Together We Can Conquer

More than 25 million Americans live with some 7,000 “orphan diseases” – defined as such because a given disease affects fewer than 200,000 people. Rare, debilitating and often fatal, it is because of the relatively small number of cases that no drug therapy exists- there is no profit in sight for research and development of such a drug. The non-profit Orphan Disease Pathway Project was created to provide financial assistance to organizations, hospitals, universities and research centers that are working to understand the underlying causes, share their findings and develop cures. The foundation also grants financial assistance to organizations that provide services to affected individuals and their families. The creation of the new Center for Orphan Disease Research and Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania will fill a crucial need by providing more of everything that is needed to unlock cures. The Center’s mission is to facilitate and expedite the development of novel therapies and the translation of these into the clinic, building on partnerships among investigators, academic institutions, industry and funding agencies.

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